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Magenta Door

The current product lines represented by Material Solutions in the Great Lakes Region are as follows:

The William L. Bonnell Company -
-Bonnell is a full service custom extruder with 3 plants
-Large extruder with a small company service
-6063, 6005, and 6463
-ISO certified facilities
-Three Paint lines and complete anodizing facilities
-Circle size available up to 14 inch
-Pour and debridge along with new high end thermal bar products
-State of the art customer website for paperless orders and real time order tracking on the floor

Signature Aluminum-
-6061 and additional structural alloys only

Vision Industries Group-
- Die cast window and Door Hardware
- Injection molding window and Door Hardware
-Stamping and assemblies
-Many industry standard window components in stock

H-O Products Corporation-
-Full line of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes
-Specialty pads and custom cut lineal products
- Die cut gaskets

HOPPE North America- 
-Stainless steel Window and Door Hardware
-Lift and Slide Hardware
-Slide and Fold Hardware

House Extension Construction

 Tom Moore       O 248 593 0312 C 248 705 4078
Chip Moore     O 614 262 5033 C 614 296 692
Larry Stevens     O 513 607 4485  C513 607 4485


Questions or comments?
Feel free to email us at the below address and thanks for reviewing our present product lines.

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